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3:02pm 07-30-2013
Siti Rohaida
5:29pm 07-23-2013
Amanda Wong
love your work. become fan for sure. Bb is 7 months old. how much is the studio photography package? thanks!
5:01am 06-14-2013
azura mohamad
saya suka bergambar since kecil,
and bnayk2 blog saya suka ur work really
kindly send my price for family package (outdoor)
7:37am 05-21-2013
Mário Asael Martins
Very, very beautiful!!!

Thanks for the idea and sharing. _/\_
1:11pm 05-04-2013
Become a fdz already. My baby 5 mnths.
2:57pm 04-17-2013
Siti Rohaida Ariffin
" ... u'r pic really astounding and pure!!!
12:07pm 02-08-2013
can u please give me about the price details of packages
5:08pm 02-05-2013
Noorma Mohd Nor
Hi, Luv your work
1:37pm 01-18-2013
hi there...loved ur work....
2:54pm 12-28-2012
Aznah Arshad
Dear EOG,

I'm 2 months pregnant and stumbled upon your website through google search. Love your work.
2:02pm 12-06-2012
Amini Nasir
Love your artwork. Became a fan already.
11:42am 10-16-2012
Become a fan..
7:57am 10-10-2012
norulhuda binti kama
salam dear,could you please emel me the wedding package details.thanks
9:09pm 10-01-2012
Iam a big fan now, loved her work, loved her family, i am still waiting the results but i now that i will love it!
4:26pm 09-21-2012
Norfatihah Bt. Mohd
hye....i just looking ur blog..its so adorable...i have a bb..and i plan to take a picture 4 my baby.....
Messages: 1 until 15 of 388.
Number of pages: 26
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