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2:24pm 05-21-2010

Menarik sgt hasil kerja u. very nice and superb...
10:12pm 05-15-2010
I a big fan of EOG, very proud to see Malaysian doing this cute nice job, always waiting for your new picture to be post one the web, looking forward to meet you one day when I finish my study here~~ Fan from London
11:45am 05-11-2010
salam zubye.. boleh x u reply email i n quote i harga tuk wat family pic ni.. sgt..sgt..sgt.. cantik.... da lama nk cari org tuk wat family pic ni...
Replied on: 12:05pm 05-11-2010

Wasalam Ina. Haven't received any email from you. can you resend the email? takut termasuk bulkmail.. or u nak i email pakai this email address? Pls advice. Thanks!

9:05am 05-11-2010
Salam Zubye.. Menarik sgt, superb!!... Insya-allah satu hari nanti, my family photo tertera kat blog ni..
6:25pm 05-08-2010
naza afandi
thanx for nice photoshoot at my son/s birthday party...
5:30pm 05-06-2010
Suriyani Ismail
Salam..Zubye...nite shots..cant wait to enjoy a photoshot with u for me n my family....
5:47pm 04-27-2010
Nadzir Farhan
Male's fan for the EOG Photography!!
9:10am 04-23-2010
Thanks for being creative Zubye!. Love your style.. passion and everything.
5:20pm 04-22-2010
Habibah Yusof
hi zubye.

luv your pics and artwork. looking forward to have you for me, hubby and little hannah nafeesa's photo.
11:49am 04-21-2010
1:57pm 04-16-2010
jennefah jambin
bagai mana nak join the fanclub?
Replied on: 4:09pm 04-16-2010

hi Jennefah.. u sign up here.. automatically u dah join the fan club. Thanks!

11:02am 04-16-2010
azura yusof
excited sgt nak join...hope dpt jd intan terpilih utk promotion... :-)
2:44pm 04-07-2010
nk join fan club plss.....
2:41pm 04-07-2010
luv to be your fanclub
3:48pm 04-05-2010
nak join gak ler... kot2 dapat masuk class free ... n way i'm from sigategi ... hehe
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Number of pages: 26
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