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12:57pm 02-01-2010
Senay Oakley
The Oakley family members are all your fan Zubye - because you are great with kids and great with your job! Thank you for creating the wonderful memories. We have already mailed the available pictures to our parents and they have shown it to everyone they know - parents eh?
12:54am 02-01-2010
Ainnur Hidayah
I'm in jugak....Salam dan hai everyone..!!
2:01am 01-31-2010
Ahmad Zaki
Boleh tak saya join??
5:16pm 01-28-2010
Noorulshima Mukhtar
Sy nak join jadi member club nie..still open lg ker..?
2:54pm 01-28-2010
Farahashikin Khalit
sy nk join.........
2:52pm 01-28-2010
Farahashikin khalit
nk join.............
10:43pm 01-27-2010
Siti Kamariah
nak join
5:28pm 01-20-2010
still boleh join tak EOG fan ni?
12:11pm 01-19-2010
count me in.. tq
2:24pm 01-18-2010
saya pun nak join~~~
12:06pm 01-18-2010
kak, saya baru jadik fan ni.hihi...
12:44pm 01-16-2010
anna farhana
i'm in!
6:49pm 01-15-2010
Fauzia Hanom
Zubye....bila agaknye kita org 1 family nak buat appt ngan you???
3:55pm 01-15-2010
Azi Ashak
saya dah regsiter kan zubye ?
9:31am 01-15-2010
nak join gak .. baru bukak hari nih .. huhu..
Messages: 121 until 135 of 388.
Number of pages: 26
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